Book Review: Broken Republic

Expect an interesting amalgamation of experience, debate, passion, flashes of brilliant insight, and a fair amount of hyperbole.

Book Review: Murder in the Ashram

If you’re going to enjoy this novel, you must employ a rare degree of suspension of disbelief.

Film Review: Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly is a rare ensemble of cheeky dialogues, an enthralling cast, clever humour, and a reasonably entertaining storyline.

Film Review: Shaitan

Be prepared, not to face your inner demons, but for one of the most average narratives to come from Anurag Kashyap’s oeuvre.

CD Review: Dualism

The brief E.P. manages to demonstrate precisely what Sahej Bakshi does and what can be expected of his live sets.

CD Review: Suck It and See

Suck It and See is an album that gives the Arctic Monkeys the respectful aura of a band that is here to stay.

CD Review: Destroyed

Moby’s latest album is at once unsettling, mysterious, ethereal and—most notably—deeply personal.

Book Review: Jimmy the Terrorist

Omair Ahmad paints a vivid picture through his carefully constructed, true-to-life characters in this socially and politically relevant novel.

CD Review: Bloodywood

Pentagram’s fourth studio album suggests a parallel to the commercial world of Bollywood and the mainstream in general.

Book Review: Down the Road

28 vignettes of campus life, covering the Amazing Technicolor Life that school and college are made out to be.

Book Review: Susanna’s Seven Husbands

The mystery remains intact in Ruskin Bond’s original short story, and the suspense is held captive under a gravestone—or seven.

Book Review: The Fakir

The Fakir is a simple tale with an important social message in a world where material things define boundaries between human beings.