Book Review: Room

Emma Donoghue’s award-winning book is devastating, tough, moving, tragic, and funny, all at the same time.

Book Review: Rights of Man

Utpal Dutt revisits the racial discrimination, injustice, and denial of human rights as witnessed in the Scottsboro trials of 1931.

Film Review: Dhobi Ghat

If realism is the leading manifesto of an art film, then Dhobi Ghat manages it effortlessly.

Book Review: Urban Shots

13 writers explore common themes of love, friendship, angst, and longing in this carefully compiled anthology.

Film Review: The Illusionist

Sylvain Chomet’s animated take on the life of a middle-aged Vaudevillian magician overflows with rainy-day beauty and mystery.

Book Review: Reflected in Water

This part-travelogue, part-reverie helps reinvent Goa, a place that is largely misunderstood.

Book Review: The Sunset Club

Khushwant Singh’s fictionalised memoir is unafraid, uninhibited, and unapologetic.

Book Review: Beautiful Thing

Sonia Faleiro’s latest book takes you inside the private lives of Bombay’s bar dancers, hijras, madams, and pimps.

Book Review: Another Chance

An unnerving reflection of the state of contemporary amorous relationships in modern India.

Book Review: Highway on My Plate

A book that tempts you to ditch your sedentary lifestyle and drive around India, just to experience the country’s diverse food culture.

Book Review: Kartography

In Kamila Shamsie’s third novel, past and present intermingle in unique ways and so does the personal and political.

Book Review: The Confession of Sultana Daku

One of the most intuitive and dazzling works of fiction by an Indian writer in the recent past.