Shaheen Ahmed

Shaheen Ahmed has dabbled with various forms of mass media, but her first love stays writing. She is an avid bibliophile and, when not reading, likes discussing and criticising films, sitcoms, politics, the weather, transport, infrastructure, and just about everything else

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Film Review: Shaitan

Be prepared, not to face your inner demons, but for one of the most average narratives to come from Anurag Kashyap’s oeuvre.

Love and Longing in the Sixties

A petition may be a poem, and a poem may be a petition, but neither a poem nor a petition is the revolution.

Art, Cash, and the Summit

Is art being created any more for art’s sake? Who or what can determine the price of a piece of art?

Rains, Coffee, and Muck

From mucky streets, to mucky railway platforms, to mucky office entrances, to mucky everything.