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CD Review: The Resurrection Of The Princess Of Woe And Her Vampire Hound Posse

Kamal Singh as Hoirong has released a brilliant, thoughtful debut that is as evocative of Seattle in the ’90s as Bangalore in the mid-’00s.

CD Review: Sarkarsm

You’ve got to admit that music-wise, the Riot Peddlers—a three-piece punk rock band from Mumbai—are on top of their game.

CD Review: Sad Little Shoebox

Rummage through the songs on Gowri Jayakumar’s debut album, and you will find snippets and cut-outs of bygone youth and distant memories.

CD Review: S.T.D.

Sridhar/Thayil are still one of the most eccentric, experimental, and unique bands in the Indian scene.

CD Review: Till You Appear

Sulk Station’s hypnotic trip hop quivers with madness, lust, and most importantly, obsession.

CD Review: Sky Rabbit

Quirky and talented, the artists formerly known as Medusa have regrouped as a fresh entry into India’s alternative music scene.

The Best Music of 2011

Here are 10 very good reasons why you shouldn’t be jaded with music just yet.

CD Review: Curious Toys

It’s almost like the Dave Matthews Band and Pearl Jam had a baby in Chennai.

Sit Down, Relax

Irreverent rap geniuses Das Racist talk to us in an exclusive interview about the zombie apocalypse and their debut full-length album Relax.

From Zero to Hero

The multi-talented Sidd Coutto talks to us about his new solo album Sunny Side Up.

CD Review: A Creature I Don’t Know

What makes Laura Marling so special is her ability to soak into your brain, layer by layer.

CD Review: I’m with You

With their tenth album, the Red Hot Chili Peppers prove that they’ve still got a few tricks up their sleeves.