Book Review: The Masque of Africa

The book provides riveting anecdotes for those who have not been to Africa, but don’t let Naipaul sum it all up for you.

CD Review: Grey Oceans

CocoRosie’s music has a tendency to oscillate between unbearable pretension and spine-chilling beauty.

Book Review: The Thing About Thugs

It’s an absolute delight to read Tabish Khair’s lyrical prose; to become embroiled in this labyrinthine “ghost of a true story”.

CD Review: The Final Frontier

The re-climb to the top for Iron Maiden has been short, quick, and sexy—in the heaviest possible way.

CD Review: /|/|/|Y/|

With her latest album, M.I.A. does what she’s always threatened to do: Declare war on popular music.

Film Review: All About Eve

The award-winning 1950 film showcases the backstabbing that one has come to associate with the arts.

Book Review: Our Toxic World

This graphic novel takes an entirely different route towards expressing one of the gravest concerns of modern society — toxicity.

CD Review: High Violet

The National’s latest album is recommended for rainy days, autumn, and drinking yourself to sleep.

Book Review: Watchmen

Watchmen cruelly disintegrates each character to its darkest detail while maintaining a glitter of hope for the world.

Book Review: The Gamechangers

Building on the popularity of the blog, Fake I.P.L. Player comes out with a whole new web of conspiracy theories in The Gamechangers.

Film Review: Sita Sings the Blues

Sita Sings the Blues is a film that chooses to be different, using a story that is very familiar to us.

CD Review: Junior

On her fifth studio album, Kaki King provides the listener with a thoroughly engaging rock record that showcases her delicate-yet-firm vocals.