CD Review: Till You Appear

Sulk Station’s hypnotic trip hop quivers with madness, lust, and most importantly, obsession.

CD Review: Stormy Weather

Although the mingling of east and west occasionally misses the mark, all in all, Gods Robots is worth a listen.

Book Review: Tamasha in Bandargaon

In the fictional suburb of Bandargaon, hilarity and love rise from the seediness of the local underground gambling den and the self-righteousness of its educated citizens.

Book Review: The Newsroom Mafia

For those interested in Mumbai’s underworld and the underbelly of journalism, this book might make interesting reading.

Book Review: Scammed

Ahmed Faiyaz’s latest is recommend for those who are looking for an uncomplicated, light, suspense-spun tale.

CD Review: Sky Rabbit

Quirky and talented, the artists formerly known as Medusa have regrouped as a fresh entry into India’s alternative music scene.

Book Review: The Sense of an Ending

When we try to capture past thoughts and memories, more often than not we end up grasping not memories, but moments.

Book Review: Hot Tea Across India

Lapse of better judgement or otherwise, Rishad Saam Mehta’s travel stories are a treat to read.

Book Review: Death in Mumbai

Written by Meenal Baghel, the book ably documents the disappearance and murder of Neeraj Grover.

CD Review: Sinema

An album that throws up a brand new soundscape that is both nostalgic and revolutionary at the same time.

Book Review: Hansi

If Barbie dressed like an early 20th century European country girl, started overdosing on Nazi philosophy, and wanted to marry Jesus, then you would probably get Hansi.

CD Review: Curious Toys

It’s almost like the Dave Matthews Band and Pearl Jam had a baby in Chennai.