Nicole Newby

Nicole has a strange fascination with Jack the Ripper and the mafia. Her other interests include toe rings, barnyard animals, anything purple, and her cats. An accomplished bathroom singer, she has been known to funky-dance in secret.

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The Adventures of Stoob

A School Story

In conversation with Samit Basu about his new series of children’s books titled The Adventures of Stoob.

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Warm Heart, Cold Feet

Bestselling author Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan speaks to us about her latest novel Cold Feet and why she dislikes the term ‘chick lit’.

A Labour of Love

In conversation with Shoma Narayanan, whose debut novel Monsoon Wedding Fever is the first Mills & Boon novel by an Indian author to be released globally.

Not Too Shabby

Sanctum is a lifestyle store that focuses on a more relaxed approach to creating intimate spaces, with pieces that are both comforting and timeless.

Pooper Paper

Elrhino, a manufacturer of handcrafted, wood-free paper made from elephant and rhino dung, aims to form an economic bond between humans and animals in Assam.

CD Review: Stormy Weather

Although the mingling of east and west occasionally misses the mark, all in all, Gods Robots is worth a listen.

CD Review: Dualism

The brief E.P. manages to demonstrate precisely what Sahej Bakshi does and what can be expected of his live sets.

CD Review: Bloodywood

Pentagram’s fourth studio album suggests a parallel to the commercial world of Bollywood and the mainstream in general.

Learning to Fly

Iranian-born author Abbas Kazerooni spoke to us about what made him want to share his remarkable story of hope, survival, and growing up in On Two Feet and Wings.