Sneha A

Sneha is a student at I.I.T.-Madras, and is pursuing a five-year integrated M.A. there. She loves reading and writing, especially poetry, and what she calls 'random writing'. She swears that she has never read a Mills and Boon novel. She loves fiction, and has a blog.

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Book Review: The Sense of an Ending

When we try to capture past thoughts and memories, more often than not we end up grasping not memories, but moments.

Made in Bollywood

We might as well take pride in our cute little obsession instead of trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Book Review: Broken Republic

Expect an interesting amalgamation of experience, debate, passion, flashes of brilliant insight, and a fair amount of hyperbole.

Native Alternative

‘Culture’ is a word flippantly used by many of us without ever assessing the impact of such a loaded word.

Dirty Linen

Will the lasting legacy of the 2010 Commonwealth Games be one of chagrin and sheer mortification?

Love Actually

Here’s to that austere, painful, joyous, and completely insane adventure called love.

So Tweet

A lighthearted glance at the recent controversy surrounding that ever-so-handsome politician, Shashi Tharoor.