Musings on Money

Does a person’s salary determine their value, their importance, their ability to contribute, to give and take from life?

Invaded and Conquered

The Eristoff Invasion Festival, headlined by British electronica giants The Prodigy: Undoubtedly one of the biggest, loudest, and most explosive concerts India has ever seen.

Empowerment Through Creativity

Delhi’s Music Basti aims to empower children by giving them a platform to express themselves through music.

The Zara Zara/Touch Me Dialectic

Katrina Kaif might swivel her hips as sexily and suggestively as she wishes to, but the notion of the ideal Indian woman hasn’t changed much.

At the Altar

Pallassena is a village that is proud of its temples and traditions, culture, and above all, simplicity.

Chuim Village

Mumbai, 2010 · Photograph by Kainaz Amaria

The Cleanest Village in Asia

Nestled up in a corner of Meghalaya and shrouded within clouds, Mawlynnong is like something out of a fairy tale.

Book Review: The Goat, the Sofa, and Mr. Swami

A book that gives you stitches in the stomach and plants a deep sense of discomfort in your mind.


Fort Kochi, 2010 · Photograph by Aashim Tyagi

Fairground High

Kolkata, 2010 · Photograph by Sreejita Biswas

From Earth They Rise

Take a trip through the alleys and plastic-covered workshops of Kumortuli, where deities are born every year.

The Prodigy: India Tour 2011

The explosive electronica outfit will rock India in January next year. Read on for tour dates and a message from Maxim.