Aniruddh Ghosal

Aniruddh was the kind of kid who always asked annoying questions like "Why not?" or "Why does this happen?". He is no longer a kid; a fact that hasn't stemmed the torrent of annoying questions. He is currently getting drenched in London and is extremely interested in Indian popular culture, films, and literature. He adores people who write him cheques.

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Graphic violence, vivid and bizarre sexual encounters, and gut-wrenching parodies. Step inside.

The Zara Zara/Touch Me Dialectic

Katrina Kaif might swivel her hips as sexily and suggestively as she wishes to, but the notion of the ideal Indian woman hasn’t changed much.

Immortal Lies

Amar Chitra Katha comics, translated into almost every Indian language, paint pictures of misleading communal harmony and peace, while perpetrating stereotypes of gender, caste, and creed.