Will India Be Ready to Host the Commonwealth Games?

Time Magazine reports— “The rains that hit New Delhi last week were bad news for…

Backstage with Jalabala Vaidya

An exclusive interview with leading playwright and actress Jalabala Vaidya, owner of the Akshara Theatre, New Delhi.

The Problem with Indie Movies Today

A quick look at the state of independent cinema in India and the West.

The Ladakh Confluence: No Second Coming?

It is unlikely that the second edition of the Ladakh Confluence, which was scheduled for…

Book Review: The Gamechangers

Building on the popularity of the blog, Fake I.P.L. Player comes out with a whole new web of conspiracy theories in The Gamechangers.

Film Review: Sita Sings the Blues

Sita Sings the Blues is a film that chooses to be different, using a story that is very familiar to us.

Uncouth India: Why Are We Like This Only?

Vijay Nambisan comments on uncouth India and the shambolic state of public health in the…

The Call of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutan has been described by travellers as the Johnny Depp of the world — reclusive, a bit odd, but endearing nonetheless.

Thrash Metal Legends Testament and Slayer to Play Live in India

American thrash metal band Testament has confirmed that they will, indeed, be playing live in Bangalore, India, in October 2010, with none other than Slayer.

How to Date (and Not Date) an Indian

Andrea Miller writes in The Huffington Post about her experiences with dating Indian men, and…

Tattoo Tales

How much does getting a tattoo really hurt? Read on for an exclusive interview with Naveen Kumar, owner of Chennai’s first tattoo parlour Irezumi.

So Tweet

A lighthearted glance at the recent controversy surrounding that ever-so-handsome politician, Shashi Tharoor.