Bhanuj Kappal

Bhanuj Kappal is a former correspondent for Rock Street Journal. He works as a music programmer and moonlights as a freelance writer. He is waiting for the million pounds promised to him by the Prince of Nigeria so that he can quit his job and work on his plans for world domination.

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Song Review: Quest

Vivek Rajagopalan’s music manages to sound both global and indigenous at the same time.

Invaded and Conquered

The Eristoff Invasion Festival, headlined by British electronica giants The Prodigy: Undoubtedly one of the biggest, loudest, and most explosive concerts India has ever seen.

Empowerment Through Creativity

Delhi’s Music Basti aims to empower children by giving them a platform to express themselves through music.

Brian Transeau: Anthemic

The visionary composer and producer spoke to us about his latest album, playing in India, and a brand new Grammy nomination.

CD Review: /|/|/|Y/|

With her latest album, M.I.A. does what she’s always threatened to do: Declare war on popular music.

Walking the Talk

At Thermal and a Quarter’s Taaqademy, the focus is not only on teaching you how to play an instrument, but also on what it takes to play in a band.