Nilanjana Bhattacharyya

Nilanjana is a pseudo-intellectual emo engineer with a genius for lame jokes and an unhealthy obsession with bad literature. She has a nose ring and self-made epic fail tattoos. She thinks she's a hippie, but she's just an epic nerd. What the damn wrong with her, dear?

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Book Review: Matched

Ally Condie’s debut novel is a magical and enchanting story of forbidden love.

Book Review: Aftertaste

A nuanced, reflective journey into the colour—indeed flavour—of mithai, money, and Mumbai.

Book Review: The Hotel at the End of the World

On rainy days, you might be possessed by a crazy desire to go looking for this enchanting and maddeningly elusive hotel.

Book Review: The Goat, the Sofa, and Mr. Swami

A book that gives you stitches in the stomach and plants a deep sense of discomfort in your mind.

Book Review: Saris and the City

Trite or not, it is fun to read a no-brainer book that is written engagingly.