Made in Bollywood

We might as well take pride in our cute little obsession instead of trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Book Review: Broken Republic

Expect an interesting amalgamation of experience, debate, passion, flashes of brilliant insight, and a fair amount of hyperbole.


1.027 billion people, living in 0.3 foot crammed spaces, longing for personal space.

Artless in India

It’s easier to understand time when so much of it seems to stagnate, churn, curdle, and recycle in front of you.


What is it about white picket fences that gives us a false sense of security?

Native Alternative

‘Culture’ is a word flippantly used by many of us without ever assessing the impact of such a loaded word.

Guilt-Free Green Tees

An exclusive interview with Diti and Apu, founders of No Nasties, a young company that is contributing to better living conditions for farmers in India through their line of fresh and quirky designer t-shirts.

Good Indian Girls Don’t

A not-so-samajdar-beti decides to take a year off from academia, fly off to the city of her birth, and start working on her first novel.

Testing the Waters

A tiny haven in Karnataka for those weary of the constant activity at Goa, Gokarna is about five hours away and a world apart.

Days of Being Wild

In my country, summer is the season when possibility often trumps over probability.

Sustaining Hope

An exclusive interview with Aishwarya Natarajan, the first woman entrepreneur to win the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur Music Award.