When Feeling Blue Is Patriotic

Unified by our indelible love for cricket, we are drenched in victory, thanks to our Boys in Blue.


Labels are not easy to live with, especially hyphenated labels. There is a sense of disorientation when it comes to choosing one side or the other.

Love and Longing in the Sixties

A petition may be a poem, and a poem may be a petition, but neither a poem nor a petition is the revolution.

Why I Love Delhi

Delhi’s oldness is alternative to, independent of, but equally conscious and respectful of the new.

Hidden-Away Surprises

Bylakuppe is a colourful slice of Tibet hidden away in the southern half of India.

Stories of Their Own

In conversation with Aurora Jane about the band’s tour of India, their latest album Deep End, working with kids in Dharavi, and learning to cope with paneer withdrawal symptoms.

The Experimental Nomad

An exclusive interview with acclaimed abstract artist Anjali Sinha about her work and the art scene in India.

Marriage Aaj Kal

Where do women like us expect to find our men? And where and when exactly do these men of today expect to find their women?

Art, Cash, and the Summit

Is art being created any more for art’s sake? Who or what can determine the price of a piece of art?

Manthan ’11: Street Play Festival

The fourth edition of Verve’s annual street play festival in New Delhi is under way, featuring performances by over 300 students from across the city.

Book Review: Highway on My Plate

A book that tempts you to ditch your sedentary lifestyle and drive around India, just to experience the country’s diverse food culture.