Book Review: Seahorse

In Janice Pariat’s debut novel Seahorse, time is tethered to love, to obsessions, to personal myths.

Annie Zaidi Gulab

Book Review: Gulab

Annie Zaidi takes the tropes of the conventional ghost story and breathes new life into them.

The Lives of Others

Book Review: The Lives of Others

Mukherjee writes with subtlety and intelligence, never quite allowing any of his characters to assume a moral authority.

Mirages of the Mind

Book Review: Mirages of the Mind

Mushtaq Ahmed Yosufi’s novel captures the overpowering sense of nostalgia that erupted in the Indian subcontinent after the partition.

Brahma Dreaming

Book Review: Brahma Dreaming

As an introduction to the world of Hindu tales for the uninitiated, John Jackson’s book is a fascinating read.

Gone with the Vindaloo

Book Review: Gone with the Vindaloo

Vikram Nair’s debut novel is humorous and unpretentious; a book that celebrates life in all its natural flavours.


Book Review: Gabbar

Graphic India’s latest graphic novel pays tribute to an unforgettable character from Indian cinema.

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri

Book Review: The Lowland

Jhumpa Lahiri understands the immigrant instinct and its compulsions only too well.

Kaurava by Krishna Udayasankar

Book Review: Kaurava

As an author, Krishna Udayasankar’s strength lies in demonstrating characters and ideas, not describing them in paragraph after droll paragraph.

Homesick by Roshi Fernando

Book Review: Homesick

In her debut novel, Roshi Fernando beautifully captures the guilt and loneliness of a tightly knit Sri Lankan famiy in South London.

Happy Birthday and other stories

Book Review: Happy Birthday! and Other Stories

With her second book, Meghna Pant offers an emotional, compelling insight into the lives of people around us.


Album Review: Aerogramme

It is by listening to the songs as incomplete but coherent narratives set to music that Goldspot’s latest album comes into focus.