Book Review: Gabbar

Graphic India’s latest graphic novel pays tribute to an unforgettable character from Indian cinema.

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri

Book Review: The Lowland

Jhumpa Lahiri understands the immigrant instinct and its compulsions only too well.

Kaurava by Krishna Udayasankar

Book Review: Kaurava

As an author, Krishna Udayasankar’s strength lies in demonstrating characters and ideas, not describing them in paragraph after droll paragraph.

Homesick by Roshi Fernando

Book Review: Homesick

In her debut novel, Roshi Fernando beautifully captures the guilt and loneliness of a tightly knit Sri Lankan famiy in South London.

Happy Birthday and other stories

Book Review: Happy Birthday! and Other Stories

With her second book, Meghna Pant offers an emotional, compelling insight into the lives of people around us.


Album Review: Aerogramme

It is by listening to the songs as incomplete but coherent narratives set to music that Goldspot’s latest album comes into focus.

Cough Syrup Surrealism

Book Review: Cough Syrup Surrealism

In Tharun James Jimani’s debut novel, the personification of the 1990s, while never quite made obvious, is apparent in every page.

A Matter of Rats

Book Review: A Matter of Rats

Despite the emotions that bind this collection of stories, Kumar’s prose is never elegiac. There is always humour, love, and the possibility of redemption.

Jobless Clueless Reckless

Book Review: Jobless Clueless Reckless

Revathi Suresh’s debut effort is a coming-of-age novel and it takes that trope head on, without cloaking it in something else.

Facebook Phantom

Book Review: Facebook Phantom

The representation of young adults and their issues in 17-year-old Suzanne Sangi’s debut novel is surprisingly competent.

Sophie Says by Judy Balan

Book Review: Sophie Says

Judy Balan’s second book ends up being an echo of what might have been, in an alternate universe, an incisive, fun novel.

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia from

Book Review: How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

Mohsin Hamid’s latest book makes you turn your attention to lives and situations that you may not have considered before.