Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

Book Review: Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

Balli Kaur Jaswal’s third novel deals with honour killings, vigilante community policing, murder, forbidden love, and a lot more.

Leila by Prayaag Akbar

Book Review: Leila

Prayaag Akbar’s biggest triumph lies in his ability to adopt a female voice so completely, you forget this is a male author’s debut novel.


Book Review: Greenlight

The sixth book in Kalpana Swaminathan’s acclaimed Lalli detective series is not for the faint-hearted.

Immoderate Men

Book Review: Immoderate Men

The book explores chauvinism, patriarchy, and the male psyche in an interesting and honest manner.

A Book of Light

Book Review: A Book of Light

A book that forces us to confront our own biases, look our carefully crafted ignorance in the eye, and come out of the bubble of privilege we inhabit.

Laksmi Pamuntjak Amba

Book Review: Amba

A sense of nostalgia and loss pervades Laksmi Pamuntjak’s ambitious debut novel Amba.


Reading Munnu in Kashmir

Malik Sajad’s heartwrenching graphic novel traces the generations that grew up in Kashmir post 1990.

Aliyyah Eniath The Yard

Book Review: The Yard

Most of what happens in Aliyyah Eniath’s debut novel will be deeply familiar to readers that have grown up up in a large joint family themselves.

One Thousand Days in a Refrigerator

Book Review: One Thousand Days in a Refrigerator

An ambitious collection of stories by Manoj Kumar Panda that attempts to tell neglected but significant tales centred around death.


Book Review: Urmila

The loss of love is at the heart of the story that Pervin Saket would like to tell with her debut novel Urmila.

Mahesh Rao

Book Review: One Point Two Billion

The characters in Mahesh Rao’s collection of stories are haunted by a world just beyond their reach.

Ghachar Ghochar

Book Review: Ghachar Ghochar

Vivek Shanbhag’s novel looks hard at the nouveau rich in India and the consequences of wealth on relationships with the community, in-laws, work ethic, and morality.