Aneesha Srinivasan

Aneesha hopes to be one those rare people who earns her daily bread by writing. All she really wants is a huge library, a cup of coffee, a good stereo system, and a German Shepherd named Jim.

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Andharacha Bet

Pune’s Theatre Connection

Pune’s Connections theatre festival aims to make Marathi theatre more accessible to younger audiences around the country.

Adventures of Cheap Beer

To Beer or Not to Beer

In conversation with the trio behind Adventures of Cheap Beer, a podcast that drinks its way through Bombay’s many dive bars.

The Meaning of a Woman

Walking Towards Ourselves, Catriona Mitchell’s compilation of stories about and by Indian women, does not see the struggles of women in the country as being too privileged, specific, or personal.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2016

Fest Foot Forward

On discovering the magic of the Jaipur Literature Festival for the first time.