En Wright

En is a writer, amateur photographer, and culture enthusiast presently residing in Bombay. She likes masala chai, long walks, the colour black, rom-com reruns on T.V., and telling people she told them so.

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Humans of Hindutva

One Giant Inside Joke

In conversation with the Admin of the wildly popular Facebook page Humans of Hindutva, on satire, subterfuge, and skewering the Right-wing on social media.

Leila by Prayaag Akbar

Book Review: Leila

Prayaag Akbar’s biggest triumph lies in his ability to adopt a female voice so completely, you forget this is a male author’s debut novel.

Drawing the Line

Out of the Box

In Zubaan Books’ Drawing the Line anthology, the hero is the everywoman and her contained, quiet rage against the system.