Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani cuts hair at her salon, Mad o Wot, in Bandra and now also in Andheri. She also writes columns, goes on road trips, listens to life stories, gets tattoos, raises goldfish, rides a pink and black motorcycle, plays Scrabble, worships Elvis, waters plants, designs pop-up books, acts, drinks no water, takes over talk shows, makes time capsules, performs at poetry readings, is worth millions on Facebook and owns enough Pez dispensers to build a bridge to the moon. Her current pseudonyms are Tiger, Tiger and MC Polar Bear.

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1.027 billion people, living in 0.3 foot crammed spaces, longing for personal space.


What is it about white picket fences that gives us a false sense of security?


His story was nothing new, I guess, to most working in the “biz”, but to me, it was quite repellent.

Rollin’ Stone

This is a love story. If you don’t believe in love, you are forgiven.

Too Many Steps Make My Knees Hurt

I am at the stage in life where everything seems as black and white as Jim Jarmusch’s face.

Perfectly Flawed

Perfect is a word most people are afraid to use because of its, well, ‘perfect’ connotations.