Siddhartha Lal

Siddhartha is a student and a writer, and someone whose solution to the entire world’s—and his own—problems is a cot, a mattress, a blanket, and silence.

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Gasoline Will Be Free

Political will is one thing, social will another, but economics is what really drives the system, isn’t it?

Scenes from a Lonely Dinner, illustration by Newman D'Silva

Scenes from a Lonely Dinner

One slip is all it takes for this night of loneliness to culminate in a crescendo of muffled moans and suppressed sighs.


Swabhimaan Gone Wrong

There is a need to reclaim notions like Swadeshi and Swabhimaan from jingoists and rid them of their unnecessary historical baggage.

Long Distance Love

The Long-distancewalla

Even in the age of the Internet, love is old-fashioned.

Ensnaring the Jabberwock

In conversation with Jai Arjun Singh about his blog Jabberwock, film criticism, and the importance of reading for budding writers.

The Chaatwalla

Just like an alcoholic’s tragic relationship with his seedy madhushala, my lonely nights had come to be punctuated by sub-standard meals at Kolkata U.P. Chats and Paratha Center.

The Haircutwalla

Scissors snip menacingly, the naked razor blade wanders tantalisingly close to my ear, and cheap talcum powder is generously applied all over my neck.

A Space Odyssey?

It is not very incredulous to foresee a future where sentient mechanical beings will take over the mantle of evolution from human beings.

Monsoon Express

The story of the monsoons is somewhat like the story of my country, where senses and sensibilities are constantly overwhelmed, and then subjugated.

The Genetic Mules

There is no magical wind that breathes life into mere bones and flesh, even if that is what the Book of Genesis or other religious scriptures would have us believe.

The Coffeewalla

Over the years, one learns that reason doesn’t stand the slimmest chance against emotions and sentiments.

Winding Up the Clock

Where does one start when one starts to ponder such fundamental questions as the origins of life and the nature of time itself?