New Writing Vol. 3

Dead Saffron, illustration by Kavisha Dharia

Dead Saffron

I was baptised with dead saffron and don’t know 
what simple games of your childhood sound like.

Chandrakala, illustration by Newman D'Silva

The Groom and the Dog

It was the summer before her final year of college when Vaidehi first saw Suresh Babu.

Letting Go; illustration by Kavisha Dharia

Letting Go

I could roll the window down to let out your scent, your presence that lingers here beside me like all the bad choices I’ve made.

Dolls Are Like People; Illustration by Newman D'Silva

Dolls Are Like People

Her joints are stiff, but it’s nothing to worry about. It’s her natural condition.

The Hatter's Wife, illustration by Newman D'Silva

The Hatter’s Wife

Alice pressed her palm to the cool glass as her husband snipped away at the fabric that would form his fourth hat that week.

The Dead End, illustration by Kavisha Dharia

The Dead End

Like every other time, I couldn’t crawl into your first verse or your second, your bridge or your chorus.

Invitation, illustration by Pooja Satish


Maybe it wasn’t her love that was strange. Maybe it was Grandpa’s.

The Last Butterfly, illustration by Ria Rajan

The Last Butterfly

When she sipped from the flowers, she would make sure that her wings were stretched out and displayed properly for him.

Illustration by Kruttika Susarla

The Girl in the Leopard-Skin Brassiere

You don’t know me but I have lived a lifetime with you.

Sexy, illustration by Osheen Siva


The man’s voice had reached where his hands couldn’t have.

Church Hill, illustration by Osheen Siva

Church Hill

Bright lights flash about her, and the city steeps in her lap for an unexpected reunion.

Scenes from a Lonely Dinner, illustration by Newman D'Silva

Scenes from a Lonely Dinner

One slip is all it takes for this night of loneliness to culminate in a crescendo of muffled moans and suppressed sighs.