Siddhartha Lal

Siddhartha is a student and a writer, and someone whose solution to the entire world’s—and his own—problems is a cot, a mattress, a blanket, and silence.

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Film Review: Shame

Often nightmarish, Shame can be best described as a story about neurosis and dysfunction.

We’ve Got a Problem

The excitement of having solved a mystery can be said to only marginally exceed the frustration at encountering new questions.

The Clouds of Uncertainty

Is our reality merely a game of chance? Is Schrödinger’s cat really alive and dead at the same time?

Einstein and Faith

Einstein maintained that underneath the discernible laws of physics, there is a mysterious force that is responsible for the harmony that we see around us.

Lethargic in Lucknow

The famed tehzeeb of the erstwhile Nawabs still clings to Lucknow’s denizens like a burr.

The Cigarettewalla

Were it not for the fact that his wares were displayed a little too conspicuously, I would have easily mistaken him for an insurance salesman.

Wife Sharing and Other Stories

Our friendly religious epic, the Mahabharata, is replete with cases of charitable Brahmins impregnating obedient queens in order to oblige heirless kingdoms.

Et tu, Brute?

Does Marcus Brutus really deserve to carry the burden of this stigma?

The Radiowalla

It is believed that he still adheres to his ritual every Sunday, waiting patiently for his own private moment of enlightenment.

Rehab for Lovers

Wong Kar-wai’s movies are all about people who are in limbo, waiting for the real story of their lives to begin.

The Vicarious Lover

Ralph Fiennes seems most at home when involved in a delicate balancing act between various facets of his personality.

Days of Being Wild

In my country, summer is the season when possibility often trumps over probability.