• pet-table by MuseLAB

    Design Do: A New Platform for Creative Professionals in Mumbai

    A new event that aims to promote functional design and encourage discussions among creative professionals in the city. Details inside.
  • bhane.

    Keeping It Simple

    An exclusive interview with Anand Ahuja, founder of bhane., a global-minded clothing brand with an Indian heart.
  • The Hatter's Wife, illustration by Newman D'Silva

    The Hatter’s Wife

    Alice pressed her palm to the cool glass as her husband snipped away at the fabric that would form his fourth hat that week.
  • The Dead End, illustration by Kavisha Dharia

    The Dead End

    Like every other time, I couldn't crawl into your first verse or your second, your bridge or your chorus.
  • The City Speaks #26

    The City Speaks #26

  • Rochelle Potkar

    Mic Check

    Seven budding storytellers from Mumbai speak to us about what they love most about performing their stories in front of an audience.
  • The Oracle of Tripe #8

    The Oracle of Tripe #8

    Ever curious about your dying day? The Oracle of Tripe has all the answers. Won-Tolla presents the bewildering tale of a man who asks for it and, unfortunately, gets it.
  • The City Speaks #25

    The City Speaks #25

  • Sarita Vellani: Toto Funds the Arts

    Kickstarting the Arts

    In conversation with Sarita Vellani about Toto Funds the Arts, a unique initiative that seeks to reward the potential in young artists across the country.
  • The City Speaks #24

    The City Speaks #24

  • Cocktail: Deepika Padukone

    Bollywood’s Bad Girl Problem

    In Bollywood, bad girls may have started to have their share of fun, but it’s still the good girls who get rewarded.

The Tap #23

By Ramya Sriram