Nirica Srinivasan

Nirica is a writer and illustrator. She likes stories with ambiguous endings and unreliable narrators.

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Tashan Mehta

Time and Space and a Complicated Place

In conversation with Tashan Mehta about looking at the world through fresh eyes, talking to her past self, and the process of building new worlds from the ground up.

Siddhartha Deb

Fever Dreams and Buried Truths

In conversation with Siddhartha Deb about his novel The Light at the End of the World, the ethics of fictionalising real-world incidents, and how the fantastic can illuminate the real.

Praveena Shivram

Fertile Ground in Grey Spaces

In conversation with Praveena Shivram about fluidity in worldbuilding, reimagining mythology, and transcending binaries in her debut novel Karuppu.