Vineet Kanabar

Apart from being an avid consumer of media, Vineet Kanabar dabbles in art, music, literature, and philosophy. Currently, he's waging a war against the hippos under his keyboard that prevent him from writing more often.

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Film Review: Gangs of Wasseypur

Replete with profanity, lechery, drugs, and dirty secrets, Anurag Kashyap’s latest is one of the most bad-ass movies ever to hit the silver screen in India.

He’s Got Roses

Peter Cat Recording Co. frontman Suryakant Sawhney speaks to us about parents, cutting an album, and planning a tour of northeast India.

CD Review: Sinema

An album that throws up a brand new soundscape that is both nostalgic and revolutionary at the same time.

The Dawn of Opinion

Hyperbole and extremism are taking centre stage in almost all public or private discussion, compounded by the influence of suspect role models and modern pop culture.

From Ubisoft, With Love

How many games give you the chance to kill everyone from the local regent to the Pope?

CD Review: The Final Frontier

The re-climb to the top for Iron Maiden has been short, quick, and sexy—in the heaviest possible way.

Don’t Break the Rules

In Fight Club, Palahniuk’s literary style hits you like a punch from down south and gets you on the chin.

Book Review: The Gamechangers

Building on the popularity of the blog, Fake I.P.L. Player comes out with a whole new web of conspiracy theories in The Gamechangers.