Nimmy Chacko

Nimmy likes despondency and prefers to treat warm, happy days as mere aberrations in her bitter existence. She is the lover of Neil Gaiman in her private dream space, and sometimes cheats on him with thoughts of Batman. In her spare time, she writes haiku and takes pictures with her ancient camera.

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Book Review: The Sunset Club

Khushwant Singh’s fictionalised memoir is unafraid, uninhibited, and unapologetic.

Book Review: Mansuri, Macabre

An unconventional murder mystery that reminds us how strongly our society is rooted in superstition.

Book Review: Turbulence

Cape or no cape, we’ve all wanted to save the world at some point in our lives, haven’t we?

A Dream of a Story

Twisted, grotesque, and ultimately curious, The Sandman spills humanity’s secrets—or at least attempts to fish them out.