• Empowerment Through Creativity

    Delhi's Music Basti aims to empower children by giving them a platform to express themselves through music.
  • The Zara Zara/Touch Me Dialectic

    Katrina Kaif might swivel her hips as sexily and suggestively as she wishes to, but the notion of the ideal Indian woman hasn’t changed much.
  • At the Altar

    Pallassena is a village that is proud of its temples and traditions, culture, and above all, simplicity.
  • Far Beyond Right and Wrong

    Gore, terror, and bizarre incidents. The perfect place, created out of the dreary recesses of an ingenious mind: Neverwhere.
  • Reality Bites

    Fairy tales have often been accused of being hegemonic and advocating the idea of male superiority.
  • From Ubisoft, With Love

    How many games give you the chance to kill everyone from the local regent to the Pope?
  • The Cleanest Village in Asia

    Nestled up in a corner of Meghalaya and shrouded within clouds, Mawlynnong is like something out of a fairy tale.
  • Live to Love, Love to Eat

    If there is such a thing as unconditional and selfless love, it is our love of food.
  • Death, Defiance, and Disguise

    No film director has probed the human psyche with more severity and honesty than Ingmar Bergman.
  • A Dream of a Story

    Twisted, grotesque, and ultimately curious, The Sandman spills humanity’s secrets—or at least attempts to fish them out.
  • From Earth They Rise

    Take a trip through the alleys and plastic-covered workshops of Kumortuli, where deities are born every year.
  • Rock the Baht

    Seven golden rules for a thoroughly enjoyable time in Thailand—on a budget.
The Oracle of Tripe #19

The Oracle of Tripe #19

By Chaitanya Modak and Benita Fernando
The Oracle of Tripe #19