• Cinephilia: Rear Window

    On why Alfred Hitchcock’s celebrated Rear Window is not just a thriller.
  • A Day of Shakespeare in the Park

    Helena and Bertram proclaimed their love for one another under a sky filled with fireflies, over a lake filled with dreams.
  • Alive for a Day

    Neil Gaiman's Death: The High Cost of Living makes you realise how Death is kind, compassionate, loyal, and brave.
  • Playing a Losing Game

    Story books can glorify immolation in the name of love, but what they don’t tell you is that love kills in softer ways.
  • The Radiowalla

    It is believed that he still adheres to his ritual every Sunday, waiting patiently for his own private moment of enlightenment.
  • The Dawn of Opinion

    Hyperbole and extremism are taking centre stage in almost all public or private discussion, compounded by the influence of suspect role models and modern pop culture.
  • And then There Was One

    It’s always easy to start off a tale of apocalypse, but sustaining the pace, the twists, and the appeal of the tale is not easy.
  • Progress, No Matter the Cost

    Narendra Modi is a master strategist who is almost obsessively dedicated to his role as Chief Minister.
  • There Is Beauty in Not Knowing

    Life is but an empty canvas; paint a pretty picture and make it your own.
  • Just for Laughs

    Stand-up comedy has made a place for itself in India and is here to stay.
  • Made in Bollywood

    We might as well take pride in our cute little obsession instead of trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.
  • Share Scare

    How much do we construct our experiences to make them share-able?

The Tap #12

By Ramya Sriram