Yayaati Joshi

An avid reader, intense writer, and cinema afficionado, Yayaati Joshi is not the typical office-goer. He is a keen observer, who prefers quiet evenings and the company of close friends. Read his blog at rantingsofadelusionalmind.wordpress.com.

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Cinephilia: Albert Pinto’s Wrath

Maybe Albert is not so angry after all. Maybe he’s just irritated, or insecure, or jaded.

Cinephilia: No Orchids for Miss Blandish

This isn’t the kind of bad film that has become everyone’s punching bag over time. Far more humiliatingly, it has just been ignored.

Cinephilia: Guide

A film that was daring enough to traverse conventional boundaries and present to its viewers a slice of life of a maladjusted lover.

Cinephilia: Rear Window

On why Alfred Hitchcock’s celebrated Rear Window is not just a thriller.