ANJA's college aptitude test said she'd be a farmer. Until that happens she can be found moving often for strange jobs and running with three dogs in the fields.

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Hotel Calcutta

Book Review: Hotel Calcutta

Rajat Chaudhuri’s latest novel sees a motley bunch of hotel guests sharing stories of which they are observer, star, and occasional victim.

U-bends: Ujeli, Again

Uttarkashi isn’t likely to make the top ten lists of many tourists. It doesn’t offer much in the way of museums or ancient ruins or souvenirs.

U-bends: Haridwar

It was a row of circling flames along the riverbank at dusk, illuminating clouds of incense and chanting pilgrims. For a moment, the postcards came to life.

U-bends: Rishikesh

When the river rises, the platform is submerged and Shiva rides the current, swells of water lapping against his thighs.

U-bends: Nachiketa

What must have begun as golden pinpricks had turned into monstrous orange tongues, cutting down giant trees like they were brittle winter twigs.

U-bends: Gangotri

Ganga, borne aloft, wound her way towards her white marble temple where a million iridescent triangles danced wildly.

U-bends: Ujeli

Ten minutes later we were out cold, long before we realised that the rushing lullaby outside our windows was the river flowing just feet away.