Apoorva Tadepalli

Apoorva is a homesick Bangalorean in love with Bombay. She loves rain, long walks, and taking photographs, and lives on Amul Masti and hand-me-downs.

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Modern, Western-aspiring society has a crisis of lifestyle; its problem is not its physical distance from nature, but its emotional distance.

For Ladies

Real Development

It seems like the fate of a development studies student is to be cynical and dissatisfied in an educated but distant way.


Keeping It Simple

An exclusive interview with Anand Ahuja, founder of bhane., a global-minded clothing brand with an Indian heart.

Kulture Shop

Dial ‘K’ for Kulture

Kulture Shop is a new Mumbai-based initiative that aims to change the way people look at art and design in modern India.

Homesick by Roshi Fernando

Book Review: Homesick

In her debut novel, Roshi Fernando beautifully captures the guilt and loneliness of a tightly knit Sri Lankan famiy in South London.