Woman in Charge

Woman in Charge: Pradhan

‘Woman in Charge’ is a new series, based on true events, that explores the life of a female Pradhan in a Kumaoni village.


In Chefchaouen with Shah Rukh Khan

While I love Shah Rukh Khan as irrationally as the next person, he did cost me a flip phone and some loose change.

Saadat Hasan Manto

The Legacy of Manto

Six decades after his death, we remember Saadat Hasan Manto, whose progressive and profound stories reaffirm his credibility as a giant of South Asian literature.

English theatre in India

The Issue of Language

English theatre in India continues to evolve and forge an identity for itself, as Indians continue to revise their complex relationship with the language.

12 Places to Submit Your Writing

12 More Places to Submit Creative Writing in India

For writers in India looking to get published, here are some more platforms that may be the right fit for your writing.

The Real World

How did Dazed and Confused, a movie that didn’t really have much to say, resonate with an entire generation?

20 Places to Submit Creative Writing in India

For writers in India looking to get published, here is a handy list we’ve put together to help you find the right platform for your writing.

Andharacha Bet

Pune’s Theatre Connection

Pune’s Connections theatre festival aims to make Marathi theatre more accessible to younger audiences around the country.

Adil Jussawalla

As Steady As Herons

The sea figures prominently in Adil Jussawalla’s I Dreamt a Horse Fell From the Sky, sweeping its way into poem after poem, calmly and ineluctably.

God on the Hill: Temple Poems from Tirupati

How Do 13,000 Poems Go Unnoticed?

Despite the six centuries separating the composition of these poems and their readership, they are accessible, relatable, and compelling.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2016

Fest Foot Forward

On discovering the magic of the Jaipur Literature Festival for the first time.


Piece of Cake

Why would anyone throw perfectly good sponge cake out of a car window?