12 More Places to Submit Creative Writing in India

As we prepare to announce the submission guidelines for our upcoming New Writing anthology—you can buy the latest edition of the anthology here—we thought it’d be a good idea to follow up our earlier list of places to submit creative writing in India and South Asia with more magazines that are interested in work from the subcontinent. In this list we cover magazines that seek women’s writing, that interact with voices from the Diaspora, and others that are interested in the relationship between words and wisdom.

12 Places to Submit Your Writing
Photograph by Roco Julie.


They provide a platform to Asian writers as well as to any other writers writing on Asian themes.

Editors: Zafar Anjum, Elen Turner, Monideepa Sahu, Oindrila Mukherjee, Pallavi Narayan, and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé
Format: Web and print
Genres: Short fiction (less than 7,000 words) and poetry (less than 60 lines)

Read Fingers

Read Fingers is a growing community of writers, readers and publishers that is particularly interested in work from the subcontinent.

Format: Web
Genres: Fiction (no more than 3,000 words) and poetry


Desi Writers Lounge publishes this biannual themed magazine to showcase writing from South Asia.

Editors: You can view their entire editorial board here.
Format: Print
Genres: Fiction and poetry

Jaggery Lit

This DesiLit arts and literature journal connects South Asian diasporic writers and homeland writers.

Editors: You can view their entire editorial team here.
Format: Web
Genres: Fiction and poetry

The Earthern Lamp Journal

This journal is published three times a year and each issue is themed.

Editors: Divya Dubey, Mariam Karim Ahlawat, Abdullah Khan, K. G. Sreenivas, and Suneetha Balakrishnan
Format: Web
Genres: Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry


This magazine is focused on the Indian subcontinent but the place they are interested in is defined by mindspace rather than by purely geographical terms.

Format: Web
Genres: Fiction, flash fiction, and poetry

After Hours: The Helter Skelter Anthology of New Writing
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Indian Ruminations

Dedicated to Indian English literature, this literary magazine is published once a month.

Editors: Sandhya S. N. and J. T. Jayasingh
Format: Web
Genres: Short fiction (300 to 1,500 words) and poetry

Indus Woman Writing

Indus Woman Writing is an online community of Indian writers that includes both established and emerging writers. They invite short stories from Indian women based anywhere in the world.

Editors: Eva Bell, Subhash Chandra, and Lakshmi Menon
Format: Web
Genre: Short fiction

Reading Hour

This bimonthly print journal publishes short reads.

Format: Print
Genres: Short fiction (1,200 to 4,000 words) and poetry (less than 400 words)

Spark Magazine

They focus on the 3 Ws: Word, World, and Wisdom. They accept submissions based on a monthly theme.

Editors: Anupama Krishnakumar and Vani Viswanathan
Format: Web and print
Genres: Fiction (700 to 1,500 words) and poetry

Prachya Review

This new magazine from Bangladesh aims to build bridges between writers and other artists from all over the world.

Editors: Shafinur Shafin, Anika Shah, and Manos Kounougakis
Format: Web
Genres: Fiction (not more than 3,000 words), flash fiction (not more than 300 words), and poetry

Kartika Review

They publish writing from the Asian Diaspora. They borrow their name from a crescent-shaped knife that cuts away ignorance and superficiality in the hope that it will lead to enlightenment.

Editors: Sunny Woan, Christine Lee Zilka, Jennifer Derilo, Eugenia Leigh, and Paul Lai
Format: Web
Genres: Fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry

If you know of other journals that are actively looking for writing with a connection to the subcontinent, please share them in the comments. And keep watching this space for updates about our upcoming anthology of New Writing!

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