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  • Hoirong

    CD Review: The Resurrection Of The Princess Of Woe And Her Vampire Hound Posse

    Kamal Singh as Hoirong has released a brilliant, thoughtful debut that is as evocative of Seattle in the '90s as Bangalore in the mid-'00s.
  • A Memoir by Ma Anand Sheela

    Book Review: Don’t Kill Him!: The Story of My Life with Bhagwan Rajneesh

    Why does Ma Anand Sheela continue to 'love' Osho even after he accused her of bio-terrorism and was responsible for her stint in prison?
  • Hotel Calcutta

    Book Review: Hotel Calcutta

    Rajat Chaudhuri's latest novel sees a motley bunch of hotel guests sharing stories of which they are observer, star, and occasional victim.
  • The Illicit Happiness of Other People

    Book Review: The Illicit Happiness of Other People

    Manu Joseph deftly weaves a novel that is a rare sighting: a blue moon, exciting and wholly fulfilling.
  • Book Review: Adi Parva

    Amruta Patil returns the Mahabharat closer to its original canvas; far more crowded and complicated than most Indians may be familiar with.
  • Book Review: Drop Dead

    How do you best challenge the fact that in India, finding a woman in a position of power at her workplace is almost always the exception to the rule?
  • Book Review: Another Country

    Anjali Joseph's second novel seems to be about 21-year-old Leela’s relationship with herself via the men she chooses to date in different countries.
  • Book Review: The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

    In a book that is perhaps meant to target all age groups, Sudha Murty’s writing is easily accessible and readable.
  • CD Review: Sarkarsm

    You’ve got to admit that music-wise, the Riot Peddlers—a three-piece punk rock band from Mumbai—are on top of their game.
  • Book Review: The Taming of Women

    P. Sivakami's stories refuse to mollycoddle the reader into a sense of ennui, the worst weapon in an indifferent world.
  • Book Review: The Book of Destruction

    Translated from Malayalam by Chetana Sachidanandan, Anand's The Book of Destruction is anything but feel-good—and that’s a good thing.
  • CD Review: Sad Little Shoebox

    Rummage through the songs on Gowri Jayakumar's debut album, and you will find snippets and cut-outs of bygone youth and distant memories.
The Oracle of Tripe #23

The Oracle of Tripe #23

By Chaitanya Modak and Benita Fernando
The Oracle of Tripe #23