Ira Trivedi

A Bright, Free Future

In conversation with India in Love author Ira Trivedi about free love, marriage brokers, and the effect of the Internet on Indian society.

Mahinn Ali Khan

Letters of Love

In conversation with Mahinn Ali Khan: writer, archivist, and innovator.

Long Distance Love

The Long-distancewalla

Even in the age of the Internet, love is old-fashioned.

Playing a Losing Game

Story books can glorify immolation in the name of love, but what they don’t tell you is that love kills in softer ways.

Unreelistic Expectations

We all know that violence in films desensitises people to violence in real life, but what about romantic comedies?

Rollin’ Stone

This is a love story. If you don’t believe in love, you are forgiven.

Of Weddings and Funerals

April 29, 2011: A day engraved in history.

Book Review: Another Chance

An unnerving reflection of the state of contemporary amorous relationships in modern India.