Richa Hingorani

Richa is a mildly political rabble-rouser and a crafter of fine sentences since 1989.

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Colour Me Blue

A book that tells a story of loss may make you appreciate life a little more. Does grief not appear more universal than happiness?

Alice in Wonderland

Against the backdrop of history exists a town dripping with experimentation and modernity. Except this is not a town. This is Hauz Khas Village.

Let’s Slutwalk

Women are heading countries and scaling Mt. Everest, but apparently they still can’t decide what to wear.

Of Weddings and Funerals

April 29, 2011: A day engraved in history.

When Feeling Blue Is Patriotic

Unified by our indelible love for cricket, we are drenched in victory, thanks to our Boys in Blue.

Five Seconds of Fame

Welcome to a rage called MTV Roadies. Suffering has never been made so sweet.