Einstein and Faith

Einstein maintained that underneath the discernible laws of physics, there is a mysterious force that is responsible for the harmony that we see around us.

The Great Thirst (Part One)

When fighting against forces much greater than yourself, and so much beyond your control, there’s only two ways to go about things.

The Cigarettewalla

Were it not for the fact that his wares were displayed a little too conspicuously, I would have easily mistaken him for an insurance salesman.


The world makes its own music. And when we try to be in harmony with others, we forget the tune we started out humming.

A Life in Transit

We have all experienced, condemned, and practised road rage. Now meet its dysfunctional spouse, traffic lag.


How alert are we? How agile are our senses? Is our reflex going to be outsourced? Are you going to tell me it can be?

There Is Beauty in Not Knowing

Life is but an empty canvas; paint a pretty picture and make it your own.

City of Blinding Truths

Mumbai teaches you ignorance, regardless of whether you live in the tallest luxury tower or a tent on the sidewalk.

From Blogger to Writer

There is nothing wrong with being an academician. But writing was what I was meant for. Right?