I Get by with a Little Help…

How do you make friends when you’re living alone in a strange, big city?

Unreelistic Expectations

We all know that violence in films desensitises people to violence in real life, but what about romantic comedies?


1.027 billion people, living in 0.3 foot crammed spaces, longing for personal space.

Staccato on the Streets

Perhaps, this summer is going to be one of self-re-discovery. Perhaps, I could love the city after all.

Too Many Steps Make My Knees Hurt

I am at the stage in life where everything seems as black and white as Jim Jarmusch’s face.

Perfectly Flawed

Perfect is a word most people are afraid to use because of its, well, ‘perfect’ connotations.

Days of Being Wild

In my country, summer is the season when possibility often trumps over probability.

Musings on Money

Does a person’s salary determine their value, their importance, their ability to contribute, to give and take from life?