Isabella Ricci

Isabella Ricci follows the clever north winds and the voices in her head. Once selected to speak on Saudi national television at age five, she now feels qualified to have an opinion on everything. She collects postcards and memories for a living, and moonlights as a expert on fashion. Her offshore bank account contains two vinyl records and the Picture of Dorian Gray.

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A Hippie in a Strait Jacket

Airports and airplanes are the best places to try on different faces to masquerade your identity and experiment with your personality.

No Such Thing as First Class

A few rules that might save you some time and money when you’re flying, and ensure that you don’t miss the last five minutes of the in-flight movie.

The Great Thirst (Part One)

When fighting against forces much greater than yourself, and so much beyond your control, there’s only two ways to go about things.