Nupur Barua

Nupur Barua holds a post-graduate diploma in journalism, content creation, and media management. She rather unwisely gave up a career as a journalist to pursue another in the world of fiction television. After attempting to understand the industry for six years, she finally gave it up to return to her first love—writing! Currently based in Mumbai, Nupur provides content and edits on a freelance basis, and occasionally designs presentations for movie and television pitches. She is also an amateur photographer with a love for travelling and animals, and is constantly looking for more material to add to her blogs.

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Stories of Their Own

In conversation with Aurora Jane about the band’s tour of India, their latest album Deep End, working with kids in Dharavi, and learning to cope with paneer withdrawal symptoms.

The Experimental Nomad

An exclusive interview with acclaimed abstract artist Anjali Sinha about her work and the art scene in India.