Articles labelled ‘culture’

  • The noble lungi

    The Case for the Lungi (and Against Pants)

    Nothing epitomises ‘casual’ more than a free-flowing lungi.
  • Tall Tales

    Stories to Tell

    In conversation with Tall Tales co-founders Kaneez Surka and Michael Burns about the way forward for live storytelling in Mumbai.
  • Illustration by Nirupa Roy

    Sex, Stories, and Power Trips

    We are being told a story; one that elevates downright misogyny to the revered status of Indian Culture.
  • The City Speaks #15

    The City Speaks #15

  • The City Speaks #14

    The City Speaks #14

  • The City Speaks #13

    The City Speaks #13

  • The City Speaks #12

    The City Speaks #12

  • Srinivas Rayaprol

    The Fifth Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize: Call for Entries

    The Srinivas Rayaprol Literary Trust is currently seeking entries from young Indian poets for the fifth Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize in 2013. Click through for submission rules and other details.
  • The City Speaks #11

    The City Speaks #11

  • Man of Steel

    A God to Them

    In Man of Steel, by shifting the focus to the essential human conflicts faced by Superman, Zack Snyder automatically draws viewers closer to the superhero.
  • The City Speaks #10

    The City Speaks #10

    This page (#10) completes the first arc of The City Speaks. (More to follow next week.)
  • Shrunken Heads

    The Tourism of Grief

    Dark tourism—travelling to places associated with death, pain, and suffering—is the dirty little secret of the tourism industry.

Testimonial Comics #7

By Nishant Jain