Articles labelled ‘culture’

  • Bystander

    Standing By

    Conceptualised by the Kadak Collective, the Bystander anthology is an ambitious crowdfunded project that aims to gather works created by a diverse group of over 50 South Asian creators from 13 countries.
  • Fertile Baldness

    Fertile Baldness

    Shame, non-acceptance, and exclusion unfailingly accompany baldness. But baldness can be fertile, too—for humour and style, if nothing else.

  • Bombay


    Modern, Western-aspiring society has a crisis of lifestyle; its problem is not its physical distance from nature, but its emotional distance.
  • Woman in Charge: Gram Sabha

    Woman in Charge: Gram Sabha

    Tara wished she could speak more at these meetings, but there were important people here. She had to make a good impression.
  • Woman in Charge

    Woman in Charge: Water

    Tara had just discovered an ugly truth. This man, this public servant, was flaunting his corruption. She didn’t want him to win.
  • Boyfriend


    Fear and guilt, judgement and inconvenience: one writer recounts her struggles of staying over at a male friend's house in a city like Bombay.
  • Humans of Hindutva

    One Giant Inside Joke

    In conversation with the Admin of the wildly popular Facebook page Humans of Hindutva, on satire, subterfuge, and skewering the Right-wing on social media.
  • Woman in Charge

    Woman in Charge: Wood

    This, the steep path to the forest, was their brief escape to a world free of judgment.
  • Woman in Charge

    Woman in Charge: Mela

    Girls, whose bodies had widened, gyrated and swayed, performing in ways society wouldn’t otherwise allow.
  • Woman in Charge

    Woman in Charge: Picking

    As the women sat together, they picked the leaves off the branches, leaving only the tiny buds that now smelled ripe with intoxication.
  • Woman in Charge

    Woman in Charge: Dreams

    At this moment, more than anything, she wished she too could giggle and laugh and read words and whisper secrets.
  • Woman in Charge

    Woman in Charge: Mother

    At times like these, Tara missed the gentle music of her village, which was so unlike this town.

The Tap #36

By Ramya Sriram