A Bit of Jeeves and Wooster

Everyone has their own perfect Jeeves and Wooster, but I can’t see anyone other than Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie in those roles.

Revisiting Mahabharat

Just one viewing of this old classic by B. R. Chopra shows us all that is wrong with Hindi television today.

Death Dealer

Death Note is an existential mystery wrapped inside a thriller.

Remembering Malgudi

We are probably the last generation of urban kids that remembers watching Doordarshan shows like Malgudi Days, Byomkesh Bakshi, and Flop Show.

An Alternate Fairy Tale

In real life, you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. Because it makes you fat.

Deliciously Despicable Dexter

The slow blossoming of a ‘monster’ into a human being has been wonderful to watch.

Blood and Lust

If you can keep up with all the gore and naked, white flesh that comes with most H.B.O. shows, you will enjoy True Blood.

Winter Is Coming

To put it simply, Game of Thrones is no simple, black-and-white tale of good versus evil.

When John Met Sherlock

What is really interesting is how much further Sherlock goes than the original stories in developing the characters of the two protagonists.

The Cigarettewalla

Were it not for the fact that his wares were displayed a little too conspicuously, I would have easily mistaken him for an insurance salesman.

Doing the Dewarists

The Dewarists producer Samira Kanwar speaks to us in an exclusive interview about the process, method, and effort involved in creating the hit T.V. series.