• Dead Saffron, illustration by Kavisha Dharia

    Dead Saffron

I was baptised with dead saffron and don’t know 
what simple games of your childhood sound like.

  • Letting Go; illustration by Kavisha Dharia

    Letting Go

    I could roll the window down to let out your scent, your presence that lingers here beside me like all the bad choices I've made.
  • The Dead End, illustration by Kavisha Dharia

    The Dead End

    Like every other time, I couldn't crawl into your first verse or your second, your bridge or your chorus.
  • Scenes from a Lonely Dinner, illustration by Newman D'Silva

    Scenes from a Lonely Dinner

    One slip is all it takes for this night of loneliness to culminate in a crescendo of muffled moans and suppressed sighs.
  • Fugitive No More, illustration by Kruttika Susarla

    Fugitive No More

    You would be pleased to know that the evidence has been removed.
  • Anonymous Asked, illustration by Kamal Singh

    Anonymous Asked: What Is Dating Like in Sri Lanka? And for You?

    You can do it. Accept that he isn’t upper class diplomatic or a refugee of war or lover turned killer.
  • Mother, illustration by Tara Isha


    I take you like a paper doll and crumple you.
The Oracle of Tripe #1

The Oracle of Tripe #1

By Chaitanya Modak and Benita Fernando
The Oracle of Tripe #1