Dead Saffron, illustration by Kavisha Dharia

Dead Saffron

I was baptised with dead saffron and don’t know 
what simple games of your childhood sound like.

Letting Go; illustration by Kavisha Dharia

Letting Go

I could roll the window down to let out your scent, your presence that lingers here beside me like all the bad choices I’ve made.

The Dead End, illustration by Kavisha Dharia

The Dead End

Like every other time, I couldn’t crawl into your first verse or your second, your bridge or your chorus.

Scenes from a Lonely Dinner, illustration by Newman D'Silva

Scenes from a Lonely Dinner

One slip is all it takes for this night of loneliness to culminate in a crescendo of muffled moans and suppressed sighs.

Fugitive No More, illustration by Kruttika Susarla

Fugitive No More

You would be pleased to know that the evidence has been removed.

Anonymous Asked, illustration by Kamal Singh

Anonymous Asked: What Is Dating Like in Sri Lanka? And for You?

You can do it. Accept that he isn’t upper class diplomatic or a refugee of war or lover turned killer.

Mother, illustration by Tara Isha


I take you like a paper doll and crumple you.