The Prodigal Father

In conversation with bestselling author Amitabha Bagchi about his recently released second novel The Householder.

The Long Run

Author Girish Kohli speaks to us in an exclusive interview about his trippy debut novel Marathon Baba.

Message from the Ether

Acclaimed, award-winning poet Anindita Sengupta speaks to us in an exclusive interview about her work, travel, and photography.

Sexperts and Dog Funerals

An exclusive interview with Yuki Ellias, lead actress of the refreshingly quirky indie film Love You to Death.

Listening for Music

Aditi Rao, winner of the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize in 2011, speaks to us about her writing.

He’s Got Roses

Peter Cat Recording Co. frontman Suryakant Sawhney speaks to us about parents, cutting an album, and planning a tour of northeast India.

Animal Rights, Body Paint, and G-Strings

P.E.T.A.’s senior campaigner Ashley Fruno talks to us about her experience of campaigning for animal rights and her personal highs and lows doing the work she does.

The Hidden Lands

American novelist Ronald Malfi speaks to The Newsroom Mafia author Oswald Pereira about his latest book, India, and future plans.

Good News, Bad News

Ronald Malfi, author of The Canyon of Souls, interviews author Oswald Pereira about The Newsroom Mafia.

Confessions and More

Scammed author Ahmed Faiyaz speaks to us about his third novel and a few upcoming films based on his other titles.

All in the Family

Author Judy Balan talks to us in an exclusive interview about her debut novel Two Fates and shares her views on relationships and marriages in India.

The Right Kind of Waiting

Award-winning young writer Aditi Machado talks to us about her writing and what the future may hold for her.