Annie Zaidi

Inside the Kaleidoscope

In conversation with multifaceted author Annie Zaidi about Love Stories #1 to 14, her latest collection of short stories.

Mahinn Ali Khan

Letters of Love

In conversation with Mahinn Ali Khan: writer, archivist, and innovator.

Life and Times of Mr S

The Coast and the Inland

In conversation with noted poet Vivek Narayanan about his writing and his work with Almost Island.

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Warm Heart, Cold Feet

Bestselling author Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan speaks to us about her latest novel Cold Feet and why she dislikes the term ‘chick lit’.

The Opposite of Solitary

In conversation with Aditi Rao about her writing workshops, and why she feels that the profession of writing is anything but solitary.

Just Push Play

In conversation with the creative minds behind the first ever Mixtape anthology of graphic stories by Manta Ray Comics.

Through a Lens Darkly

Ashim Ahluwalia speaks to us about what drives him and why his films simply don’t fit into the ‘mainstream system’ of Bollywood and Hollywood.

Ensnaring the Jabberwock

In conversation with Jai Arjun Singh about his blog Jabberwock, film criticism, and the importance of reading for budding writers.

A Brooks Town Story

An exclusive interview with author Anuradha Kumar about her latest novel It Takes A Murder.

Dawn of the Dead

In conversation with bestselling author Mainak Dhar about his latest thriller Zombiestan and his aim of writing one book every year.

Forgetting the Night

Vitek Goyel of Bombay-based alt. rock act Slow Down Clown talks to us about their debut album and the evolution of the band’s music.

The Mine and the Market

Celebrity blogger and author Arnab Ray chats with us about his second novel The Mine, released earlier this year.