Articles labelled ‘relationships’

  • Boyfriend


    Fear and guilt, judgement and inconvenience: one writer recounts her struggles of staying over at a male friend's house in a city like Bombay.
  • Long Distance Love

    The Long-distancewalla

    Even in the age of the Internet, love is old-fashioned.
  • Technologic

    How alert are we? How agile are our senses? Is our reflex going to be outsourced? Are you going to tell me it can be?
  • Unreelistic Expectations

    We all know that violence in films desensitises people to violence in real life, but what about romantic comedies?
  • Testimonial Comics #7

  • Testimonial Comics #4

  • Love Actually

    Here's to that austere, painful, joyous, and completely insane adventure called love.

ACK #2

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