Piece of Cake

Why would anyone throw perfectly good sponge cake out of a car window?

A Foodie's Day in Beijing

A Foodie’s Day Out in Beijing

For the patient, curious, and intrepid traveller, there is almost no better place for a food adventure.


Of Cheap Coffee and Angry Yellow Curries

For an Indian living in the U.K., an angry yellow curry is better than no curry.

Headbanger's Kitchen

Raw and Heavy: Headbanger’s Kitchen Seeks Fan Contributions

Find out how you can be a part of season three of Headbanger’s Kitchen, a unique show from India that mixes heavy metal and cooking on YouTube.

The Power of Pie

The Power of Pie

Do we love the idea of cooking more than the act of cooking itself?

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

Is Your Food Depressed?

Can love taste like a red velvet cupcake? Can pride taste like freshly baked bread at four in the morning?

Do or Die?

People who swear by fancy-sounding diets would do better to promote the love of good food than make debatable claims.

The Chaatwalla

Just like an alcoholic’s tragic relationship with his seedy madhushala, my lonely nights had come to be punctuated by sub-standard meals at Kolkata U.P. Chats and Paratha Center.

The Tea Party (Part 2)

This decade has rendered us incapable of facing a gathering on a Sunday without a cocktail or three.

The Tea Party (Part 1)

It was no surprise, then, that I, like the rest of my generation, embraced the coffee culture with a vengeance. It was my way of telling tea to go to hell.

Cooking It Up

The kitchen is a wonderful, impenetrable place for many of us, a place where breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other good things are made.

Pleasantly Plump

There’s no space on screen for even an extra inch of flesh. Or, for that matter, in T.V. shows, advertisements, billboards, music videos, or even in our own heads.